Who We Are?

Ally Logistics is a rapidly growing transportation service provider based in Byron Center, MI, a suburb located on the south side of Grand Rapids, MI.

Our History

Ally was founded in October of 2012 by two friends and logistics veterans, Dan Manshaem and Jeff Chidester. Dan’s ambition, business savvy, experience and creativity combined well with Jeff’s rounded knowledge, positive attitude, and managerial experience. In the early months the two began to grow and build the foundation of the business. After experiencing a small degree of immediate success with this, it didn’t take long to see the potential for something much greater. Given the lofty goals for the company and the desire for an even stronger leadership team, a third owner, Brandon Stuk was added shortly thereafter. Brandon’s combination of natural leadership abilities and industry experience have helped put the finishing touches on a very cohesive, yet well balanced leadership team.

Our Vision

Since those early days the Vision for Ally Logistics has remained the same; to become and remain an Ally to all those we do business with. Beyond that, to create an environment for others to do the same.

While the idea of becoming an Ally clearly starts with our customers, it is a universal theme within our company; we apply this in the same regard to our relationships with employees, agents, and close contract partners.

Our Values

Our values are extremely important to us at Ally Logistics. We strive every day to operate with the highest possible level of honesty, integrity, and transparency. We place a strong focus on providing realistic expectations to our customer; we prefer to under-promise and over-deliver. In this industry there will always be factors outside of our control, but communication is always within our control which is why Proactive communication is so important.

Our level of service is high, but we are not exempt from challenges – when these challenges come up our promise to you is that we will resolve them quickly and in a professional manner by putting our stated values to work. We believe that these values have contributed greatly to our success to this point and will be a driving force in our continued success.

Our Focus

Our focus is creating supply chain / transportation solutions for our customers using what we believe to be just the right combination of expertise, technology, and good ole’ fashioned hard work.

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Interested in joining our team?

We are always interested in qualified applicants. If you are looking for a high paying career with rapid growth potential, in a fast-paced / fun environment, we would love to hear from you!

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Our Philoshopy

How can we make everyday life easier for our customers? To do so, we must remember the three ‘C’s that seem to sum up what just about every customer is looking achieve; lower Costs, reduced Complexity, increased Communication. Instead of just ‘selling’, we must always look to create partnerships. Within a partnership, parties choose to focus a little less on each dollar today, but instead focus on long term efficiencies which provide benefits and cost savings tomorrow.